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About Us

About Our Company

The idea of ​​establishing the Company was born in 2007, and since the beginning of its era, a giant was born due to the presence of the success factors that are available in the presence of a board of directors with a great deal of experience in the fields of industry for metalworking since 1990. As well as their selection of a group of administrative specialists, engineers, and technicians at the highest level helped to present the company in all fields of industry.

The company is considered one of the largest suppliers and feeders to others in the fields of operating and forming all kinds of metals and manufacturing molds and implementing all kinds of spare parts for production lines for major international and local companies according to engineering drawings and standard specifications of the product, and in order to communicate with our customers always And to meet their needs and expectations, the company obtained a quality management certificate in accordance with the requirements of International Standards ISO 9001/2015.

The company has the honor to put all its capabilities and expertise in the field of metalworking to serve industrial companies with the aim of dealing between industrial companies and keeping the production wheel spinning and exploiting our equipment and capabilities for others to advance the wheel of development, and work to achieve customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of all operations and products and services to ensure that customer requirements continue to be met, and customers and their aspirations will remain at the forefront of our strategies.